Can’t sleep you’re always on my mind

40 Days Pokémon Challenge | Day 37

Favorite Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon: Metagross◄

It’s been so long since I’ve really drawn anything. Months now since I’ve done any serious art.


when somebody whose generally nice gets upset over the smallest thing then its probably because they’re fed up of getting walked all over all the time and having their feelings and belongings disregarded by other people so next time someone flips their shit because you took a piece of their food without asking or wore a piece of their clothing without permission you should probably apologize instead of saying they have a short temper or they’re too dramatic

Anonymous asked
people usually say personality shines before anything, but i dare you to date a fat guy (or girl) with "personality"


Well if I really liked a person that way and they happened to be fat of course I would date them.
But the thing with me is that I don’t want to date anyone, not even the big beefy guys.
I kinda enjoy being single 

I like how that is in quotes like it’d be fake if a fat person had personality. Like they are horrible people JUST because they are fat. You get the worst anons sometimes Boou.

Anonymous asked
I keep finding new kinks somehow. I was drawing frickle frackle poses when I drew a pose of a woman on top holding the mans arms up over his head and holding them down while kissing. And then I imagined neck smooches..... And then I thought of multiple arms oh geez //////

Who are you and how do you know about my multiple arms kink

Boob Pocket (Only for large size breasteses)

No clothes? No worries! Stick your phone under your boob, BAM phone will never fall.


it’s so rare that you meet someone who makes you feel so warm and happy like they are like sunshine and you just want them around all the time