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dandy pile


delightful dandy pile

thats a pile only meant for one uwu

thats a pile only meant for one uwu

physicallyfat asked
:I can i dogpile u

I prefer mermaid piles tho

classipls asked
I don't want to be a kissass and if I got started, I'd write a miniature essay on how much I admire your skill as an artist. Hopefully I didn't miss a similar ask already answered in your blog, but I was wondering/hoping you could answer the following: 1) Where did you learn to draw/how long have you been drawing? 2) What inspired/inspires you to draw? 3) What is something you still struggle to draw, if anything? 4) Do you have any tips/reference material you find useful/can share?

HNNNG I HAD TO THINK LONG ABOUT THIS ONE AND I WANTED TO KEEP IT IN MY INBOX FOR A WHILE BUT I GUESS IVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH GOSH ;/////; you made me happy for so long you did, gosh okay ill answer now finally im sorry youve waited so long
1) Ive been drawing since I can remember really uHu I was inspired by the things I love, I think everyone is like that I suppose. Which leads to your second question. My first REAL inspiration was Greg Capullo and his work with Spawn. I did everything I possibly could to imitate his style for a while there but as Ive gotten older Ive tried to go in my own direction.
3) I struggle with backgrounds. I am terrible at them but thats my own fault, I dont even attempt to draw backgrounds and its hindered me. I love gestures and expressions far to much. A lot of things can be explained and experience through backgrounds but its just not my thing… one day maybe.
4) I really cant think of any tips! I mean there are plenty of good materials on the #reference side of tumblr. 

well i mean if you want A tip from me.. i use porn as a good reference for bodies >H> No clothes and such ahahah